Your sitting on money! File your taxes now for FREE! No gimmicks

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We know that tax season is here and we all are looking forward getting a refund back. Either you have an accountant that you go to every year or you d not. Most folks nowadays are looking for the cheapest way to get their Federal and State W-2 or 1099’s processed ASAP.

Times are not easy financially for most of us so look at what we found. We know there is Turbo Tax and other programs that you can buy but there is also E-File (approved by the IRS) and they allow you to log in and file your Federal taxes for FREE. Yes. That is right. see below for the code that you can use.

Here is how they work taken straight from their website:

“Save time by filing in just a few minutes.

We know that filing your taxes can sometimes be unpleasant. That is why our helpful software works with you to make the filling process as pain-free as possible. Many filers can use our online software to electronically file their tax return in less than 15 minutes.

To use the E-file software a visitor simply needs to create a free account (here), enter their taxpayer information, income figures, then any deductions they may have, and our software will calculate and prepare the return. Once a user has completed preparing their return they will be provided the option of either filling electronically or printing and mailing. It’s as simple as that.”

For the State if you need it there is an additional fee of $19 BUT that is still way cheaper then hiring an accountant or buying software to do it all.

Free Federal E-file

State $19 w/code SAVE24